About Our Team

Our online casino team includes only highly professional staff who know what the end consumer wants. The best casino values its customers. That's why it cooperates only with the most popular software developers for its games.

The whole team has specialized education and, most importantly, the desire to develop in the gambling market. This review provides an opportunity to get to know the people who work daily to satisfy you. 

Meet the Free-spins-casino.org

Almost in every review by a gambling expert, you can mention Free Spins casino as the best gambling site. Such a high rating is fully deserved since the online casino has existed for a long time and acquired a loyal customer base.

There is even a unique online gambling community, which consists of users who prefer to share their experiences about the games. In these communities, you can also find helpful information about:

  • game tactics;
  • the development team;
  • interesting promotions.

Also, more detailed online casino information you can find in this review. Next, we will provide a characteristic about:

  • the online casino team;
  • the main mission;
  • the main objectives of the team.

It is recommended to read this information, as many professional players value the quality of games in the first place. And software developers directly influence all characteristics, from loading speed to design. 

Our Crew

To learn more about online casino, it is always worth starting with the team, which includes:

  • software developers;
  • operators;
  • site administration.
Casino Author Emmeline Heath

It is not strange that the gambling site has the best team of casino group specialists. All members of the online casino team have years of experience in the field. And if users of the site have any questions, they can contact directly to technical support casino. Or you can write a letter, which the administration will undoubtedly consider and provide a corrective response.

By and large, the online casino works thanks to the team that created it. Launching and developing a gambling project takes a lot of effort and time. Therefore, the site's reputation should be clean, all problems should be solved instantly, and the quality of the products and services offered should be high. Casino operators hire their teams of professionals to maintain and improve the level constantly. You can see this for yourself by going to the site.

Where it all started

Casino Author Trevor Lucas

From the beginning, online casino authors set a goal to create an Internet site that would unite all gambling enthusiasts. The team initially consisted of many enthusiasts, namely Kerry Houston, Emmeline Heath Ortiz, and Trevor Lucas. These are the people who, over time, have achieved all of their goals.

Gambling is a particular business sector based on transparency and reputation. That is why all the internal processes have to be well organized and worked out. This includes the team's work, so the operators first solved the problem of selecting the best personnel. 

The casino operators were able to recruit a team. So you can trust all the professionals to handle any complex process. There are specially selected people here who will solve your problems. This frees up your time, and nothing will be able to distract you from the process of your favorite games.

Our mission

The team's mission is to support the established online casino community, consisting of new and experienced players. This is achieved by constantly updating the list of games and quality service to all visitors to the site. To adhere to the objectives of the mission, the team needs to constantly:

  • keep an eye on the competition;
  • analyze player benefits and improve the online casino;
  • actively cooperate with marketing specialists to promote the platform.

For example, the above tools help developer Kerry Houston Hughes better understand the end user's needs. The entire team works to keep up with the times while sticking to their rules and core mission. Therefore, you can be 100% sure of the quality and speed of the gaming services provided at the best online casino site.

Casino Author Kerry Houston

Our core values

The central values of the team of the best online casino site are to maintain high vital indicators. And also in satisfying all the needs of the target audience. Almost any online casino expert will appreciate the above values of the company.

To comply with the company's values, the team must ensure the implementation of all the rules, which are constantly updated. This is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the gaming site. The site's administration, in turn, manages services in contact with customers, setting policies and further goals. Developers often collaborate with third parties, such as payment system providers.

These are all continuous processes within the online casino site, thanks to the quality tools developed to maintain the team's values. And, despite the long years of the casino's existence, the team does not stray from the original course laid out.